There are numerous variants of poker, the best known being Texas Hold 'em. However, if you want to try new and exciting ways to play poker, then Bonus Deuces is perfect for you. In this text we will explain the rules and operation of this video poker machine, and how to have fun for free.

Bonus Deuces Game Rules

Although the basis of this game is the elementary rules of poker, in Bonus Deuces there are some that are unique and private of this game. Thus, in Bonus Deuces, all dukes (value card 2) are "wild", that is, they can replace any other card to complete a winning hand. For example, if a card is missing in a sequence, the duke will replace it. So, to win, besides some of the normal poker hands, like straight flush, four of the same suit, full house, flush, straight, and three of the same suit, there are still some special and unique hands of this game.

As special hands we have four dukes, natural royal flush (where no duke can be used), royal straight flush (where some duke must be used) and 5 of the same suit.

In this game there is only one player, you, and it will suffice to have any of the referred hands to win. Each hand has a multiplicative effect of its bet, the lowest prize being equal to the bet value, relative to the hand "3 of the same type", and the highest premium for the royal straight flush.

If you wish, in addition to playing with only one hand, you can still do it with 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 hands.

Video poker Bonus Deuces at The Jackpot

To start your game, you have to start by choosing the number of hands, and also the value of your bet. In relation to the bet, you have to define the value of the coin and the level at which you want to play.

So you can choose a currency with a value between 0.10 and 25 , and the level of play, between 1 and 5. Each level will have a multiplier effect on the value of the currency. Thus, the minimum amount you can bet is 0.10 and the maximum amount 125.

Once you have defined your bet, you must click on play then receiving 5 cards. To choose the ones you want to keep, just click on it and the name "Held" will appear. The rest will be discarded and replaced with others by clicking "Draw". If the final hand is one of the ones on the winning hand list next, then you will receive the defined prize.

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