Hundreds of years after its invention, Roulette continues to be one of the most sought after casino games in both the real world and the Internet. Although Americans have created their version of roulette, the game is certainly more prestigious by European players. It was there that this game was born. Despite this it is common to find fans of this game in all parts of the world. The live proof is the evolution of roulette in the online version, there has been so much improvement due to its popularization and success that nowadays it is possible to play remotely, watching and listening to the dealer spinning roulette in real time.

Why do MJ players love roulette so much?

Roulette is not like slots, it can be such an intriguing game that there are followers and fans who are incessantly pursuing a strategic formula or playing with techniques to stay "alive" (winning game) as they try to score bigger gains with well-thought-out plays.

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Fundamentals important for those who are not knowledgeable deep:

1. Never look at roulette as a way to make money on every single match!

2. Roulette is a game for adults who know how much they can spend without harming their finances.

2. Even as a form of entertainment, enjoy yourself consciously!

In the end, if played consciously, roulette is a great game, exquisite and fun. To play roulette online you need to take some care. If you are a beginner in gambling you need to know what you are doing, but there are ways to play roulette online reliably and within homes that follow the fair game rule, fair gaming.

MJ´s tip for you to remain safe

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If you are new to the game, it is best to familiarize yourself with the table layout, the bets and the prizes. There are several types of bets, inside or inside (Straight-up, Street, Corner, Line and Five-Number) and the outside, or "outside" (Red / Black, High / Low, Odd / Even , Dozens and Columns). Payouts vary according to each bet.

The dealer announces the end of the betting and launches the spin ball on the roulette wheel that will determine the winning number and color. The distribution of prizes is made immediately after the announcement of the winning number.

Difference between American and European Roulettes

As it has been said the American roulette has a "House Edge" bigger than the others because it has 38 "slot" houses instead of 37 European ones.


The main differences:

American: 1-36, "0" and "00".

French: 1-36 and "0"

European: 1-36 and "0"

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