Craps is one of the most popular casino games, but it is also one of the fastest and most demanding in terms of speed of decisions. Because of this, it is extremely important that you know all the rules of craps and understand both the terminology and the way you play.

If you are a new player here at The Jackpot and you want to learn how to play craps or an older player wanting to refresh your memory about the game then you are in the right place. This and other articles written by professional craps players will teach you to play craps both online and live.

Craps – General rules

Your goal in a craps game is to wager on a number in the form of a number quit, and then roll a die trying to reach that number. Every craps bet has a certain probability of winning and a payout rate. Once you have selected the type of your bet and decided on a sum of money, a dice will be posted that depending on your result will make you a winner or a loser.

Usually when a die is involved in a game, people think that this game is entirely based on luck, but this is not entirely true in craps. Even though there is no way to influence the die, craps need a certain level of expertise and knowledge.

The most fundamental thing you will have to understand are the possibilities of betting on craps. As mentioned earlier, each has a specific probability and payment rate, so it is extremely important that you know each bet very well that offers you the best odds, depending on your style of play.

The Jackpot´s tip for the winners

Tip: Craps bets should always keep pace with your budget. If you have a small budget, you may want to place a bet that has a better chance of winning, but lower payout rates. If you have a lot of money and are not afraid of losing it, you should move to the highest paid bets.

The Craps Table

The craps table is where the action happens. This is where bets are shown, and this is where you have to place your bet by moving your chips to the appropriate place. The dealer usually sits around the center of the table on one side, and opposite the stickman collecting the chips.

Players stand in front of the dealer and the first line facing the craps table is called a pass line. Next comes the do not pass line, the field, come, do not eat and the other areas. These are the craps bets and as previously stated, to make a bet you have to place your chips in the appropriate area.

Craps Bets


There is a wide variety of craps bets available both online and at a live casino. Your task is to choose between these bets and then roll the dice. There are several ways to win a bet but the most common is to hit the number you have chosen first. But there are others.

The bottom line

As you can see, learning how to play craps here at The Jackpot is not that difficult.  You just need to understand the concept and remember each type of individual bet. Join now!