The Double Joker video poker is another free poker machine based on the typical 5-Card Draw poker game, but with some variants that make the game more exciting. If you want to get away from the traditional and play more exciting online poker you can test the Double Joker video poker machine.

Double Joker is a 5-Card Draw poker game, but unlike all poker games you know, this gives you the chance to win a Joker card in some circumstances and thus have a better chance of winning. Also when the player wins a round he will have the chance to double his winnings. As In the next round you will compete for the highest card and if your is higher will double your premium. The first card will be the card of the machine and the second will be yours.

If you win with the highest card you have the chance to continue doubling your prize. Always the first card is the card of the machine and the player has to choose between the four possibilities remaining. The highest wins.

It's a very entertaining and adrenaline-loaded video poker version. Meet and enjoy all we have to offer you.

Why try Double Poker at The Jackpot?

Double Joker Poker is played with a pack of 54 cards that are shuffled before each game. Follow the standard video poker rules. The goal of the game is to complete each playing hand with the best possible poker hand.


 Wild cards or wild cards are good for all hands except Natural Royal Flush.


The purpose of the double function is to draw a higher value card than the Dealer card.

With a simple scenario and focused only on the players' ease, the video slots of Joker Poker is a good option to have fun during all your free time. The game follows the same idea of ​​games as Aces and Faces, so it becomes easier to familiarize yourself with your proposal. To obtain the gains you can base your table that exposes the different options.

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The game starts with the distribution of five cards, making the selection of cards you prefer to hold in your hands to increase the chances of making the combinations required by Joker Poker. In case, your goal in the game is to keep the cards bigger so you can make your combinations and with this you can have the chance to get the maximum win. This online slots also allows the player to place value bets that he / she may find more enjoyable.

Gains in the Joker Poker game can occur with a 3, 4 and 5-fold replay of the king, each of which has a different value to win. It is also possible to win by using the Wild card that will be represented by the wildcard, replacing all cards. Have a chance to hit some bonuses from the Double Feature bet feature, which allows the player to draw a card that is greater than the Dealer card's value of the game and can double the winnings. The function can occur until you draw a smaller card. You can also check our game faq .

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