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2- In August of 1876, Wild Bill Hickot was shot to death in the middle of a game of poker. From his hand fell two pairs of eight and aces, all black suits (clubs and swords). This hand came to be called the dead man's hand.

3- In 2007, more than 50 Brazilians participated in the biggest event in the history of world poker, the main event of the WSOP.

4- The oldest version of the game was called As-nas and appeared in Persia in the fifteenth century.

5 - There are already Brazilian rankings of poker and some of our professionals already figure in the most respected rankings in the world.

6- Do not bluff a bad player. For a bad poker player is treated as "The exception that proves the rule".

7- With two pair of hand, the chance of Full House is as remote as closing a sequence needing a card in the middle already on the river.

8- There are more than 100 books about poker.

9- In 2003, the World Series of Poker winner worked as a financial accountant and made less than $ 400,000 a year, but after 8 days of tournament he has accumulated the equivalent of 100 years of work.

10- Ask for a single card to crack, received by hand, does not change the chances of Full House.

11- Poker comes from the English Poker, which originated from the French Poque, who in turn was derived from the German Pochen, which means to beat.

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Perhaps the most important poker hand in history occurred in New Mexico in 1889. It happened in an unlimited five-card poker game in Santa Fe, played between Ike Jackson (a US farmer) and Johnny Dougherty. In addition to the players, and due to their legendary reputations have been grouping around the game table an audience of at least 100 people, thus increasing the pressure of the game.

       In one round the pot hit an unprecedented $ 100,000, which included an impromptu paper note, which included 10,000 head of cattle and Jackson's ranch.

Confronting this event, and failing to match the bet, Dougherty took the paper and the pen, wrote a few mysterious lines, got up from his chair and ran to one of the spectators, who was nothing less than the governor of the New Mexico, L. Bradford Prince. He drew his weapon and pointed it at the head of the agent, under the threat of "Sing stone or I pull the trigger." The Governor, without thinking, did his part by stamping his signature on paper. Once when the signed document was read, he said: "I raised your bet, I bet the whole state of New Mexico" ... That is a real bet!


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