The number seven is certainly the most present in all philosophy and sacred literature from the time immemorial to our days. The number seven is sacred, perfect, and powerful, said Pythagoras, mathematician and Father of Numerology. It is also considered a magic number. It is a mystical number par excellence. It indicates the process of passing from the known to the unknown.

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Why play Red White Blue 7?

The seven is the number of the transformation, it is the first manifestation of the man to know the things of the spirit, the things of god, the creation. he is the number of divine perfection, for on the seventh day god rested from all his works.  Among Jews the eastern conception of seven is manifested in the seven-branched Chandelier (MENORAH), which represents both the four-part division of the Moon's orbit, which lasts four times seven, and the seven planets.

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Number seven and its deep meanings

In ancient China the seven should be associated, as an odd number, with the masculine principle of the Yang  (Yin-yang), but it expressed the ordination of the woman's years of life, which are now known to be present in a similar way also in the life of the man. Repetition for seven days was also important in the worship of the dead: every seven days after his death, until the 49th day, feasts and sacrifices were organized in memory of the dead. On the seventh day of the seventh month there was a great feast for the young women and the young women.

We can also cite several other "coincidences" related to this lucky number: There are 7 musical notes, 7 are the plagues of Egypt, 7 are the Archangels, 7 are the works of mercy. 7 are the density levels of matter that surrounds us. The rainbow has 7 colors. Our cells all change every 7 years. We have 7 endocrine glands. There are seven of our chakras. The 7 days of the week also deeply mark our rhythms. Really a free slots 7 !!

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